Common Misconceptions Part I (GeoShort)

September 23, 2021 Season 1
Common Misconceptions Part I (GeoShort)
Show Notes

There are so many misconceptions out there! 

In this Geoshort episode, Jesse interviews Chris about common Geoscience misconceptions that students have regarding our planet.  Jesse is pulling the questions from a list of over 500 misconceptions (link here).   Chris has not been given any clues to the questions he's being asked and nothing was discussed prior to recording - join us for a fun off-the-cuff conversation! 

Many of the misconceptions deal with the interior of the Earth and plate tectonic related topics.  That said, they really span a lot of the material from a typical introductory level geoscience course.  Join us in this fun episode and see if you have or have come across the same misconceptions.  Also, we welcome suggestions that we missed on this episode as we plan to revisit this at a later time!

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