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And...We're Back! The Greenhouse Effect

January 18, 2024 Chris and Jesse Season 4 Episode 1
PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast
And...We're Back! The Greenhouse Effect
Show Notes

Today, we re-visit one our earliest episodes that we recorded when this whole thing began.  We've decided to do a small series on Earth's climate and feel that this is the best kickoff point for that topic.  

We begin by discussing the forgotten history of climate science.  This is important because we have known the physics of greenhouse gases for over 200 years.  This pre-dates excessive fossil fuel consumption and any thought of political ideology around climate change.  We talk about following the radiation from the sun and the change that takes place when certain photons are absorbed at the Earth's surface.  That change in energy is what gets absorbed by the various greenhouse gases.  We round out the discussion by talking about several of the important gases and why carbon dioxide is the "big dog" in the discussion.  We hope you enjoy!

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