PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast

Chris and Jesse Finally Agree

September 28, 2023 Season 3 Episode 36
PlanetGeo: The Geology Podcast
Chris and Jesse Finally Agree
Show Notes

This week, we are asking you to do us a favor.  We are really exited because we just launched our brand new campGeo mobile app. So, we would really appreciate if you clicked on This Link, downloaded the campGeo mobile app, and left us a rating and review on there. 

This week we talk about the origin of this concept, why we are excited about this mobile app, and what types of content can be found there today. 
Also, if you have suggestions for new types of visual audiobooks please send us an email! Or, if you have a better name for these things than 'visual audiobooks' let us know that too (we are horrible at naming things...)! 

We now have a live Mobile App for iOS and Android. There you can learn all the basics of geoscience with our CampGeo content, purchase a visual audiobook on the Geology of Yellowstone National Park, and listen to past PlanetGeo episodes!
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